Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Appearance Frank Vennes

Frank Vennes appeared in Federal Court in St. Paul today and pled not guilty (no surprise) to charges related to his involvement in the Petters Ponzi scam. Vennes will have a chance to change his plea later this month. If there is a trial, it will likely not happen before August.

Frank Vennes was indicted April 20th along with Bruce Prevost and David Harrold.

It was a short hearing, so I only was able to do a few quick sketches (colored them in later) Click to make them bigger.

Frank Elroy Vennes:

Vennes attorney James Volling:

Read more at the Vennes Info blog.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Florida Men Plead Guilty to Fraud 4/21/11

Bruce Prevost and David Harrold agreed to plead guilty to securities fraud in connection with the Petters Ponzi fraud. Read more at the Vennes Info blog.

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Greg Bell Sentenced 9/30/10

Sentenced to 72 months for his role iin the Petters Ponzi scheme.

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Robert White Sentenced 9/15/10

Bob White testified and pleaded and got five years for his role in the Petters Ponzi scheme.

(click on sketches to make them bigger):

Sketch of Deanna Coleman at Sentencing 9/9/10


The woman who blew the whistle on Tom Petters' $3.7 billion Ponzi scheme has been sentenced to one year in prison.

Deanna Coleman, 44, was emotional as she addressed a St. Paul courtroom Thursday. She apologized to investors and her family. Coleman said "I spent the last couple of years trying to mend what I did."

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Sex Offender Hearing - Ramsey County Court 03/04/2011

See news report at KSTP.

Quick Sketch of Tom Petters 6/16/09

Sketches From the Trial of Dean Zimmermann (2006)

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